The Shri Ram School

Community Service

At The Shri Ram School,  our actions are guided and shaped by the core values of the school, forming the bedrock of our principles. They serve as the driving force that guide our behaviour and influence our choices, leading us towards purposeful actions and meaningful contributions. 

Of the four values, Sensitivity is a fundamental element deeply ingrained in the ethos of the school. Our strong belief in Social Initiatives stems from this core value, fuelled by genuine concern, wholehearted dedication and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of communities and the common good. The passionate approach exemplifies our ideology, as we strive to make a positive impact through diligent efforts. 

The diverse projects offered at our school provide a platform to the students to make a positive impact on society. By engaging in initiatives such as volunteering, fundraising and environmental projects, students not only contribute to their communities, but also learn the importance of empathy, social responsibility and the value of community involvement.  

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