Environment Initiatives

The school has been in a pioneer in environment initiatives and through an effectively delivered Environment Education curriculum ensures that our children grow up to be individuals who are sensitive to the environment and carry with them the message that scientific development must go hand in hand with action safeguarding the environment.

Some environment initiatives taken by the school recently are mentioned below:

Paper Recycling:

Children of Shri Paryavaran, the school’s Environment Club attended a paper recycling workshop, on the premises of the manufacturer of the school’s paper recycling unit

Minimising wastage of Electricity:

Members of the Shri Paryavaran club consistently monitor energy usage in the school with a view to reducing wastage of electricity; they take daily rounds of the school to check that the lights, fans/ACs etc are switched off when any room is empty.

E- Waste Campaign:

  • An awareness workshop on E-Waste conducted by Attero Recycling was organised for children of grades 2 to 5
  • This was followed by a weeklong E-waste collection drive as well as a Poster making competition
  • 950 kg of E- waste was collected

Plastic Awareness:

Awareness on ‘good, bad & ugly plastic’ was created in a session for children of grades 2 to 5 by Dr. Shyamala Mani of Centre for Environment Education

Anti-cracker March

Children of grade 5 took out an “anti-cracker” march just before Diwali, in the school’s neighbourhood.

Tiger Conservation

  • A session on ‘Tiger Conservation’ for classes 4 & 5 organized by Kids for Tigers (KFT).
  • Anya Sen & Mira Ghosh, members of Shri Paryavaran participated in a nature walk, orgainsed by KFT, at the Chief Minister’s residence on 21st December, 2012.

‘Bags for Earth’ – A drive that the entire school participated in and one that allowed the students to take concrete steps towards saving the Earth and help the Delhi Government’s fight against the use of plastic bags. Despite the ban on plastic bags, many shops still use plastic bags rampantly. For the smaller grocery shops/stationery shops etc, saving even a couple of rupees means a lot and they are usually unable to afford the more expensive paper/cloth bags.

Children from Pravesh Vatika to Grade 5 carried out a collection drive and collected old clothes like t-shirts, vests, bed sheets, curtains etc. A tailor stationed in school stitched cloth bags from these and the students got to see the process of the bag making happening in front of their eyes. These bags shall now be:

  • Distributed to some small shops in the neighbourhood by student representatives of each grade along with sensitization messages to the shop owners regarding the dangers of plastic bag usage.
  • Sold to raise money for more environment initiatives.

Looking Ahead

  • To make the school more energy and waste conscious and aiming to be certified as a “Green School”.
  • Integrating more gardening practices by the children in the form of individual small pots/area to grow seasonal vegetables, organically.
  • Involving the Shri Paryavaran club children in more interschool environment clubs to give them greater exposure and more avenues to work towards inculcating an environment consciousness.

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